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The benefits of being an ARMA Member

So, in all the excitement of MIH becoming a full ARMA member we were a bit taken aback when those close to us asked - “So what does that being an ARMA agent actually mean? On the basis of this we felt that we should spell out why we wanted this so much and what it actually means for our clients. Particularly as our founder is a subscriber to the Groucho Marx quote - “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member”

Probably the most interesting comparison that we came across was the suggestion that it was the equivalent of a travel agent becoming part of ABTA. We don’t know what the criteria is for joining ABTA but can 100% guarantee that we won’t ever be looking to take Ryan Air’s crown and have no intention of offering a ‘No frills management’ service.

An unregulated industry

In an industry which is unregulated, anyone can become a Managing Agent and start managing property regardless of their knowledge or experience, ARMA was set up as an independent organisation which could regulate members. All members must meet the ARMA Consumer Charter and Standards and therefore in ARMA’s own words, ‘anyone appointing an ARMA agent to manage their property can have peace of mind that they conform to high standards.’

Committing to standards

For MIH and our existing clients, they will not see much difference in how they are being managed. From our extremely humble beginning, MIH committed immediately to meeting ARMA standards only not joining early because of the rule of having to wait 2 years until you could become a member.

However, for new clients, they can now be assured that not only have we committed to the rigorous standards of ARMA voluntarily but that we have the appropriate experience for managing property, hold all monies in trust and as required by Section 42, have Professional Indemnity insurance and that we follow all professional standards including the RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code.

Upskilling and technical advice

For MIH, the benefit, aside from being able to display the ARMA logo with pride is the support we will get from ARMA including technical advice, guidance notes, monthly briefings and most importantly access to training courses. In addition, many of the services offered by ARMA will be advantageous to our clients, particularly access to ARMA Energy for lower utility costs and ARMA Insure for their insurance solutions.

2019 has already started to shape up as an exciting year for MIH and our clients. With the additional benefits of our full ARMA membership, the imminent launch of our new Tenant portal in addition to our dedicated team can only mean thing for our clients – an even better level of service for our clients. MIH really can say that we will Make It Happen for you.


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