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At a time of year when most people are detoxing and trying to recover from a period of abundance, MIH as always appears to be bucking the trend and are busy in the process of siphoning through management information in order to set up our new properties.

Having re-read...


Usually our blogs are written well in advance, however, for the Christmas blog AKA, a review of 2019 and our New Year blog about what 2020 holds for MIH we have held off writing them for as long as possible.

We think although we don’t know, as the MIH blogs are so perso...


At the time of writing I am approximately a week away from my 44th Birthday and am therefore entering my 45th year on planet Earth. The other significant milestone is that I am entering my 25th year in Property Management Industry and can still remember my first office...


Prior to writing this blog we thought it would be prudent to look back at our previous birthday blogs and having gone through the terrible-twos we are proud to have reached our 3-year birthday. Although to be honest, our milestone date may have passed us by due to the...


We have written about the importance of getting property management right but perhaps neglected to mention the importance of the Property Manager and how important their relationship is with the client.This blog will consider how to interview a property manager. Howeve...

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