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For most the month of November is synonymous with Guy Fawkes and Bonfires.

For us at MIH, it signifies when a bonfire was put under our founder to set up MIH and with this in mind, we thought it would be appropriate to review our 2018 so far.

Expectations exceeded

It is somewhat amazing to us to look back at this year and compare it to our first anniversary blog and I can truly say that much like proud parents who are able to say that their children are constantly changing and evolving we can happily say the same thing. What is perhaps most shocking is how our expectations in 2017 have truly been exceeded and in fact we can happily say those for 2018 too!

Our growth, like developing children has been somewhat messy, unstructured and sometimes surprising. To be honest it has also been totally unexpected as while we never doubted that we had something different to offer, we could never have believed back in 2016, that our one client and 10 units would grow to need an office (or 2 as we are now) or an ever expanding team with further staff coming on board in the New Year.

So how and why has this growth happened and at such a pace?

When we look back at our goals for 2018, we started off with getting stuck into the management of our first flagship block. Almost immediately, we were faced with a leak of mammoth proportions but rather than “freaking out” MIH simply got on with the task in hand and in fact within a few days of the leak occurring were able to bring order and calm to all those affected with sage advice and calm handling of the situation.

Our professionalism setting the tone

Our professionalism set the tone for the rest of the management and a block that had been considered challenging is now running smoothly due to our efforts. We are delighted to have undertaken and completed all the outstanding Health and Safety Matters, completed yet another major works project early and on budget and instigated many new initiatives which resulted in a very pleasant AGM where the Directors were given a “vote of thanks” for their hard work.

A pleasant place for owners to live

We continue to use this “model”, thankfully without the leaks for all of our buildings and for us we can say it is truly working. Whether it be creating handbooks, reviewing staff arrangements at our properties, looking at ways in which to implement long term plans for our buildings including funding or simply attending “social events” all of it goes towards a happy, pleasant place for owners to live and properties that MIH can be proud of managing.

At this point it is too early to for us to consider our aspirations for 2019 but we look at what we would like to achieve in our third year of trading and we can safely say putting our MIH touch on more properties and in answer to the original question, it is really simply, MIH really do MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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