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MIH is one!

So, back on the 7th November, MIH officially turned one and are faced with filling our first year accounts for our year end 30th November. Although reaching our first anniversary was never in doubt, it has definitely been a roller coaster year filled with ups and downs but we at MIH can honestly say that we wouldn’t change a thing.

When I think back to last year, just before MIH was incorporated we were filled with lots of hope and enthusiasm however aside from knowing that the company would most certainly grow we could not have envisaged the extent of that growth or even quite how satisfying it would be.

Our first project

From the early beginnings, when MIH, on behalf of the first client managed to get a major works project off the ground within 3 months despite it having been on the back burner for the last three years with the previous agent, we knew that our company had something special to offer.

The project finished two weeks early and under-budget and although much of this was down to the contractors and surveyors we partnered with, we also know that our involvement played a large part in this.

It is not often that a contractor gives a Managing Agent a compliment, particularly after being hauled over the coals, but we are happy to advise that our regular visits to site payed off. The back handed compliment being that the contractor had never seen a managing agent so involved and working so hard on behalf of their client. This is definitely something we have looked to emulate and did so immediately on our next project.

While undertaking the project we were also able to secure and finalise a lease extension that again had been in abeyance for some time.

Notwithstanding the actual involvement in getting this finalised we were also able to offer, through our advisers good financial advice which meant that the company could put their windfall to good use.

We’ve been lucky!

We have also been lucky enough to welcome new clients, as well as old clients who followed us when we set up and that has proved to be both challenging and rewarding particularly when dealing with new build and developers. It may have been a learning curve at the beginning, starting with a brand spanking new property but we sure learn quick and comments such as being the “gurus” of property or the “font of all property knowledge” definitely go down well with us.

On the day of writing this blog, we were told that what made MIH special was that we are “property experts” and despite lots of blushing all around – we totally agree!

Our own inimitable style of management which has been developed by Sarah Fisher, our Director has proved to be priceless and whether we are involved at the beginning with putting a Lease together, finding a supplier for Smart Meters (we know that it is a statutory requirement for all meters to be transferred over by their suppliers by 2020 but there is already a backlog and we now have someone who can expedite your applications) or even writing a resident’s handbook you can feel reassured that if MIH is your managing agent, they will always Make It Happen.

So, the next question is what will MIH be looking to achieve in 2018, read our next blog to find out our goals and aspirations in the New Year

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